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Motocross des Nations trophy on display at Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

21 October 2000

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- Now that the U.S. Motocross des Nations team of Ryan
Hughes, Ricky Carmichael and Travis Pastrana has returned from France with a
victory, the championship trophy is back Stateside once again. Fans can see the
well-traveled trophy for themselves at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in
Pickerington, Ohio.

Once a fixture in America, the trophy hasn't spent much time on this side of the
Pond in the past decade. The American Motocross des Nations team dominated the
annual race beginning in 1981 when Chuck Sun, Johnny O'Mara, Danny LaPorte and
Donnie Hansen gave the U.S. team their first-ever victory in Beilstein, Germany.
The unprecedented 13-year win streak continued until 1994 when the U.S. suffered
a stunning defeat, falling to the Great Britain team. Although the U.S. team
rebounded with a victory in 1996, the mid-to-late 1990s marked an era when there
was no longer a guarantee that the Americans would be victorious in the
prestigious international race.

Fans of American motocross and the U.S. motocross racers hope that the new
millennium will see another reign for the home team. Mark Mederski, director of
the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, plans a special exhibit space for the trophy
in the Museum.

"The trophy will be in a case with an interpretive panel in our Hall of Fame on
the lower level," says Mederski. "For a long time, this trophy pretty much lived
with us. It's good to have it back."

One of the more interesting features of the Museum, which shares grounds with
the AMA national headquarters in suburban Columbus, is the Hall of Fame, which
not only commemorates legendary motorcycle racers, but also has on display some
of the exact machines ridden to fame by the inductees. In fact, 15 members of
past U.S. Motocross des Nations teams are in the Hall of Fame.

Despite what some may consider lackluster performance during the past decade,
the American team has won over half of all the Motocross des Nations events it
has attended, and its 13-year win streak will likely never be matched. In all,
the U.S. has won 15 of the 26 Motocross des Nations races they've contested.
Still, the British have the record of 16 all-time wins, a record which the
Americans could tie with a victory in 2001. And while the U.K. team was the
spoiler in 1994 to end America's dominance of the event, it was the first and
only time the Brits have won the event since 1967.

The Motocross des Nations has become recognized as the premier annual
international motocross racing event, sometimes called the "Olympics" of
motorcycle racing, fielding teams from dozens of countries from around the world
every year. The Motocross des Nations is under the jurisdiction of the
Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the international sanctioning
body for motorcycle competition since 1904. The AMA is the only U.S. sanctioning
body affiliated with the FIM.

Champions list by nation: Great Britain, 16 wins; U.S., 15; Belgium, 10; Sweden,
7; Italy, 3; Soviet Union, 2 wins; Czechoslovakia, 1.

Past U.S. teams and their finish: (*denotes Hall of Fame inductee)

2000 - Ryan Hughes, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana - 1st

1999 - Mike LaRocco, Kevin Windham, Ricky Carmichael - 4th

1998 - John Dowd, Doug Henry, Ricky Carmichael - 5th

1997 - John Dowd, Jeff Emig, Steve Lamson - 8th

1996 - Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Emig, Steve Lamson - 1st

1995 - Steve Lamson, Jeff Emig, Ryan Hughes - 2nd

1994 - Jeff Emig, Mike Kiedrowski, Mike LaRocco - 2nd

1993 - Jeff Emig, Jeremy McGrath, Mike Kiedrowski - 1st

1992 - Billy Liles, Mike LaRocco, Jeff Emig - 1st

1991 - Mike Kiedrowski, Jeff Stanton*, Damon Bradshaw - 1st

1990 - Jeff Ward*, Jeff Stanton, Damon Bradshaw - 1st

1989 - Jeff Ward, Jeff Stanton, Mike Kiedrowski - 1st

1988 - Ron Lechien, Rick Johnson*, Jeff Ward - 1st

1987 - Bob Hannah*, Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward - 1st

1986 - David Bailey*, Rick Johnson, Johnny O'Mara* - 1st

1985 - David Bailey, Jeff Ward, Ron Lechien - 1st

1984 - Rick Johnson, Johnny O'Mara, Jeff Ward, David Bailey - 1st

1983 - David Bailey, Mark Barnett, Jeff Ward, Broc Glover* - 1st

1982 - David Bailey, Johnny O'Mara, Danny Chandler*, Jim Gibson - 1st

1981 - Chuck Sun, Johnny O'Mara, Danny LaPorte*, Donnie Hansen - 1st

1980 & 1979 - No U.S. Team

1978 - Bob Hannah, Rick Burgett, Chuck Sun, Tommy Croft - 4th

1977 - Kent Howerton*, Tony DiStefano*, Gary Semics, Steve Stackable - 2nd

1976 - Rex Staten, Bob Hannah, Tony DiStefano, Kent Howerton - 5th

1975 - Jim Pomeroy*, Brad Lackey*, Kent Howerton, Tony DiStefano - 9th

1974 - Jim Pomeroy, Brad Lackey, Tony DiStefano, Jim Weinert* - 2nd

1972 - Gary Jones*, Jim Weinert, Brad Lackey, Jim Pomeroy - 7th