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Harley-Davidson Owners Can Protect Their Bikes With CreataLink

17 October 2000

Harley-Davidson Owners Can Protect Their Bikes With Motorola CreataLink 2XT Two-Way Data Transceiver

    Business & Technology Editors

    BOYNTON BEACH, Fla.--Oct. 17, 2000--

Intelligent Technology Helps Enable Wireless Remote Control And Tracking Of Motorcycles - And Can Alert Bike Owners To Tampering And Theft

    Don't even think about stealing a Harley-Davidson(R) - because Motorola technology can help find it!
    Now, Motorola's CreataLink(R) 2XT two-way wireless data transceiver has been integrated into an innovative security device designed exclusively for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The new security device, called GPS Vision(TM) by Immobiliser, Inc., helps deliver wireless remote control and tracking to Harley-Davidson owners, which can give them the ability to track their bike's location and even control its ignition.
    To help protect against theft, the GPS Vision (which is installed in the bike) has a powerful alarm system that can automatically send an alert to the owner's compatible personal messaging device (or pager) when someone tampers with the motorcycle. Using his/her compatible messaging device, the owner can then send wireless remote control commands back to the bike - triggering a siren and flashing lights -- immobilizing two electrical circuits. To aid in the recovery of a stolen bike, users can track the location of their motorcycle through a compatible PC or by phone through a 24-hour control center.
    Harley-Davidson owners can communicate and deliver remote control commands to the GPS Vision via the Internet or other web-based wireless devices (such as Motorola's Timeport(TM) P935 two-way personal interactive communicators). The Immobiliser product is the patented alarm systems that fits the original factory wiring of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is durable, protected against heat and vibration, and is 100 percent waterproof to withstand the elements. The GPS Vision security device incorporates Elite Logistics's patented PageTrack(TM) technology which is designed to help deliver wireless vehicle security that utilizes the CreataLink module.
    Motorola's CreataLink two-way data transceiver is a revolutionary remote control and monitoring device that can offer a technologically advanced way for businesses to develop and integrate wireless communications solutions between devices and people. Built on Motorola's ReFLEX(R) two-way paging protocol, the CreataLink module has the capability to transmit commands to machines and enables those machines to initiate remote communications to other machines and/or people. For more information on CreataLink wireless products, visit the website at, or call Motorola at (800) 548-9954.