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Superbikes: Roberts wins third consecutive Xtreme race

19 June 2000

2000 AMA Formula Xtreme Championship, Round 3. June 17, 2000

The AMA/ Formula Xtreme Series may have moved to New Hampshire
International Speedway, but the results were the same as last weekend at Road
America: a 1-2-3 sweep for Honda Red Riders Kurtis Roberts, Josh Hayes and Jake
Zemke on the CBR929RRs. In taking his sixth career Formula Xtreme victory,
defending champ Roberts now has three consecutive wins in the three series
events this season. Formula Xtreme Results, Top-5 Finishers

1. Kurtis Roberts-Honda

2. Josh Hayes-Honda

3. Jake Zemke-Honda

4. Mark Miller - Yamaha

 5. John Hopkins - Suzuki Formula Xtreme Series Point Standings, Top Riders

1. Kurtis Roberts - Honda - 111 points

2. Josh Hayes - Honda - 91 points

3. Jake Zemke - Honda - 82 points

4. Steve Grigg - Kawasaki - 73 points

5. Rad Greaves - Suzuki - 71 points

2000 AMA Pro Honda Oils 600 Supersport Championship, Round 4. June 18, 2000

Erion Racing's Kurtis Roberts maintained his series points lead with a
fourth-place finish at New Hampshire International Speedway, round four of the
AMA/Pro Honda Oils 600 SuperSport Series. Aaron Yates from Georgia won the race
- which was red-flagged due to water on the track - with Jamie Hacking second
and Eric Bostrom third. Honda Red Riders Nicky Hayden, the defending series
champ, and Miguel Duhamel were sixth and seventh, respectively, with Duhamel
holding on to second in points.

Pro Honda Oils 600 Supersport Results, Top Finishers

1. Aaron Yates - Suzuki

2. Jamie Hacking - Yamaha

3. Eric Bostrom - Kawasaki

4. Kurtis Roberts - Honda

5. Tommy Hayden - Yamaha

6. Nicky Hayden - Honda

7. Miguel Duhamel - Honda

9. Josh Hayes - Honda

Pro Honda Oils 600 Supersport Series Point Standings, Top Riders

1. Kurtis Roberts - Honda - 122 points

2. Miguel Duhamel - Honda - 118 points

3. Eric Bostrom - Kawasaki - 117 points

4. Aaron Yates - Suzuki - 107 points

5. Tommy Hayden - Yamaha - 106 points

9. Nicky Hayden - Honda - 74 points

10. Roger Lee Hayden - Suzuki/Jake Zemke - Honda - 68 points

12. Josh Hayes - Honda - 67 points

2000 AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Superbike Championship, Round 6. June 18, 2000

Rain forced postponement of round six to Monday, June 19.

July 6-9 at Luguna Seca in Monterey, California will be the site next weekend
for round four of the AMA's Formula Xtreme series, round five of the 600
Supersport series, and round seven of the Superbike series.

2000 AMA/Chevy Trucks 250cc U.S. Motocross Championships, Round 5: Budds Creek
Motocross Park, Budds Creek, Maryland. June 18, 2000

Team Honda racers took two of the three spots on the podium at Budds Creek,
round five of the AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championships, with Sebastien
Tortelli earning second and Kevin Windham third. Ricky Carmichael won both motos
to sneak past Tortelli in the point standings.

In the 125s, Brock Sellards took his Team FMF/Honda CR125R to third overall with
a 3-5 score behind Stephane Roncada$B!G(Bs 1-1 and Travis Pastrana$B!G(Bs 2-2. Steve
Lamson, who went 5-4 for fifth overall on his Works Connection/Troy Lee
Designs-backed CR125R, slipped to second in series points behind Roncada,

The next round of AMA Motocross racing will take place at Red Bud Track-n-Trail
in Buchanan, Michigan, July 2.

Budds Creek National MX 250-class Results, Top Finishers (With Moto Finishes)

1. Ricky Carmichael - Kawasaki - 1-1

2. Sebastien Tortelli - Honda - 4-2

3. Kevin Windham - Honda - 3-4

4. Greg Albertyn - Suzuki - 2-7

5. Tim Ferry - Yamaha - 5-5

7. Mike LaRocco - Honda - 9-6

AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championships 250-class Point Standings, Top

1. Ricky Carmichael - Kawasaki - 202 points

2. Sebastien Tortelli - Honda - 198 points

3. Kevin Windham - Honda - 192 points

4. David Vuillemin - Yamaha - 172 points

5. Robbie Reynard - Suzuki - 143 points

8. Mike LaRocco - Honda - 124 points

9. Ezra Lusk - Honda - 114 points

2000 FIM World Superbike Championship, Round 7: Aurodromo Santamonica, Misano,
San Marino, June 18, 2000

The Castrol Honda World Superbike team soldiered through a tough weekend at
Misano, but managed to leave with the championship points lead firmly in Colin
Edwards$B!G(B grasp. In the first leg, the Castrol Honda duo barely completed two
laps, when Edwards collided with teammate Aaron Slight, taking them both down
and out of the race. In the second leg, both Castrol Honda riders struggled with
their backup machines, which didn$B!G(Bt benefit from the superb setup of their
first-string bikes. Neither rider was seriously hurt.

San Marino World Superbike, Race One, Top Finishers

1. Troy Corser - Aprilia

2. Troy Bayliss - Ducati

3. Katsuaki Fujiwara - Suzuki

4. Juan Borja - Ducati

5. Akira Yanagawa - Kawasaki

dnf Colin Edwards II - Honda

dnf Aaron Slight - Honda

San Marino World Superbike, Race Two, Top Finishers

1. Troy Corser - Aprilia

2. Troy Bayliss - Ducati

3. Ben Bostrom - Ducati

4. Katsuaki Fujiwara - Suzuki

5. Juan Borja - Ducati

8. Aaron Slight - Honda

9. Colin Edwards II - Honda

WSC Points Standings, Top Riders

1. Colin Edwards II - Honda - 208 points

2. Troy Corser - Aprilia - 170 points

3. Pier-Francesco Chili - Suzuki - 162 points

4. Noriyuki Haga - Yamaha - 146 points

5. Akira Yanagawa - Kawasaki - 120 points

10. Aaron Slight - Honda - 65 points

Round 8 moves to the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tomo, in
Valencia, Spain on June 25.

2000 AMA Grand National Cross Country Series, Round 9: Brownsville Luzerne Park,
Brownsville, Pennsylvania, June 17-18, 2000

Rain turned the course into another muddy mess at round nine of the AMA Grand
National Cross Country Series, held in Brownsville, Pennsylvania$B!G(Bs Luzerne
Park. With conditions so treacherous, Honda$B!G(Bs Scott Summers opted to run at
relatively pedestrian pace on his XR650R and simply finish the race without
injuring his left leg, which remains painful over a year after breaking it.
Faced with the traditional GNCC summer break - the next race taking place at the
end of August - Summers is now waiting to see what course of action his doctors
advise. $B!H(BI$B!G(Bm going to find out this week. I$B!G(Bve already got two opinions; I$B!G(Bm
waiting to get the third opinion from Doctor [Arthur] Ting out in San Francisco.
I$B!G(Bm going to let him tell me what I need to do. I$B!G(Bll probably have to have a
surgery, but I$B!G(Bm not exactly sure what kind of surgery. I$B!G(Bm just kind of
waiting to find out whether I$B!G(Bm going to get the rod [in the femur] replaced or
whether I$B!G(Bm going to get some of the screws taken out of the existing rod.