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ZAP Launches Line of Electric Sea Scooters

8 May 2000

    SEBASTOPOL, Calif.--Electric vehicle manufacturer ZAPWORLD.COM is launching a new line of sea scooters designed to help pull scuba divers, snorkelers and other swimmers through water.

    Water propulsion vehicles have been around for years, first designed for military use and seen by the public in such movies as the James Bond classic, "Thunderball." ZAPWORLD.COM (ZAP) has taken this idea to create a line of scooters for recreational use to offer alongside its electric bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and other personal electric vehicles. The new ZAP sea scooters are available now at

    ZAP's sea scooter moves via a battery-powered propulsion system offering silent operation and zero emissions. By grasping the handles and squeezing the trigger, the user is pulled along the surface or even underwater. The scooter stops automatically when the trigger is released. Swimmers can use it to cover greater distances without getting tired. Snorkelers can reach new depths faster for longer times, making exploration of coral reefs possible. Divers will use less air, extending their bottom times and opening territories not previously attainable. Additionally, sea scooters present tremendous opportunities for the elderly and those with physical handicaps who wish to expand their water sports activities.

    ZAP's new sea scooters are less than 20 inches in length and are slightly buoyant in the water. They'll cruise for nearly an hour of continuous use on a charge. The battery can be recharged in less than 4 hours with the charger supplied. For heavier use, a spare battery can be swapped into the Dolphin in less than one minute and without the use of tools.