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Electric Bikes ZAP Crime, Smog in Los Angeles

14 July 1999

Electric Bikes ZAP Crime, Smog in Los Angeles
  Unique Program Deploys Over 100 Electric Police Bikes to 20 L.A. Agencies

    LOS ANGELES, July 14 -- They appear to be normal police
mountain bikes, but when a call goes out -- ZAP! -- these bikes spring into
action with the help of a secret weapon, a powerful electric motor system that
is helping bike patrols fight crime and air pollution.
    Law enforcement agencies from throughout the metropolitan Los Angeles area
will receive specialized training this week at the Griffith Park Ranger
station on the use of these new hi-tech electric bikes.  The training is part
of a new program that is deploying more than 100 electric bikes to patrol
officers from 20 local agencies with the support from the Los Angeles
Department of Water and Power and the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction
Review Committee.
    "Our bicycle deployment program is aimed at familiarizing customers and
the community with electric transportation and its environmental benefits,"
said Angelina Galiteva, director of strategic planning for LADWP.  "These
electric bikes can replace polluting vehicles for patrol duty, so they help to
improve air quality as well as reduce traffic congestion."
    The new ZAP PATROLBIKES(TM) are made by electric vehicle manufacturer
ZAPWORLD.COM (OTC Bulletin Board: ZAPP).  ZAP takes specially designed police
mountain bikes from Smith & Wesson and equips them with a patented electric
motor system.  The ZAP system, which fits most bicycles, helps the rider go
faster with less physical effort.  Already used by over 170 law enforcement
agencies, the ZAP bikes help officers respond to emergencies faster, sometimes
faster than patrol cars.  When they arrive, the officer will not be winded
from the ride and in a better condition to handle emergencies.
    The training program involves a half-day course to acclimate officers with
the slight differences between electric bikes and normal bikes.  A 12-volt
battery powers the bicycle's electric motors and a lights and siren package
used for pulling over cars.  The motors can assist in climbing hills and even
stairs. Virtually silent, they also help officers quickly approach areas of
suspected criminal activity without warning.
    "The training school will give participating officers a greater
appreciation of how electric bikes can help them in their patrol duties," said
electric bike patrol officer Ken Kimari.  An experienced electric bike patrol
officer from the Santa Rosa, California police department, Kimari traveled to
Los Angeles this week to serve as an instructor for the training school.
    Some of the law enforcement agencies receiving electric bikes under this
program include:  Cal State Northridge; California Science Center Security;
Cal State LA; Figueroa Corridor Security; LA Park Rangers; LA Harbor College
Police; LA Zoo Security; LA DWP Security; LA Dept. of Transportation
(Parking & Traffic); LA Unified School District Security; Mission College
Police; Occidental College Police; Pierce College Police; UCLA Police and
Parking; LAX Police; and LA Harbor Police.
    ZAP, located in Sebastopol, California, has delivered electric bikes,
scooters, motorcycles and other electric vehicles to commuters and
recreational cyclists around the world.  For further information, call
800-251-4555, or visit their Web site at