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Bikers Experience the Winds of Change During Biketoberfest

16 November 1998

Bikers Experience the Winds of Change During Biketoberfest
   DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., Nov. 13 -- The October 18-25
Biketoberfest Motorcycle Rally in Daytona Beach, Fla. shifted into full swing
on Thursday, October 22.  That day, the first production-intent 1999
Excelsior-Henderson Super X cruiser motorcycles roared into town along with
strong, cold-front induced winds from the north.   While street vendors clung
to their wind-thrashed canopies attempting to keep merchandise from blowing
away, bikers at Dirty Harry's bar on Main Street were moved by the clean
lines, gleaming chrome, and confident sound of the production-intent 1999
Super X on display for the first time at a Florida rally.
    Over 7000 bikers inspected the 1999 Super Xs on display at Dirty Harry's
October 22-24. "I like the changes they've made from the prototypes they had
here last year," said one biker.   And changed it is.  While the profile of
the bike remains familiar, nearly everything else on the bike has been refined
in a major way.  The bike is lower, cleaner, and meaner.
    Viewing the new Super X, another biker enthused, "It's cool that the new
Super X takes many of its styling cues from the 1929 Super X."  Signature
styling links to the past include a tear-drop fuel tank, low seat,  fuel tank
mounted gauges, and a leading-link front suspension with exposed springs and
forks that pass through the front fender.  "Styling-wise, the 1999 Super X is
the great-grandson of the '29-'31 Super X," said Excelsior-Henderson Co-
Founders Dan, Dave and Jennie Hanlon.
    In addition to the bike's good looks, Florida bikers loved the sound of
the Super Xs proprietary 1386 cc (85 c.i.), X-Twin engine.  Tuned for torque,
the all-new 50 degree air-cooled engine features modern technology like fuel
injection, dual-overhead cams and four-valves per cylinder.  The X-Twin engine
made a powerful statement wherever it was heard.
    Also during the event, 1999 Excelsior-Henderson Super X motorcycles were
seen spinning wheels -- and heads -- as Excelsior-Henderson Co-Founder Dan
Hanlon and Road Crew(TM) members cruised Main Street.  "There's an incredible
amount of interest in the Excelsior-Henderson brand," said Joel Norenberg,
Excelsior-Henderson's Director of Marketing.  "At Biketoberfest, we gave out
over 7000 Excelsior-Henderson bandanas and lengthened our display hours to
accommodate the crowds."  He added, "We'll offer Super X demo rides to the
public during Daytona Bike Week 1999."
    Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycle Manufacturing Company is a pre-revenue
company which plans to manufacture, market and sell premium heavyweight
American cruisers and touring motorcycles, as well as related parts, apparel
and accessories branded with a name that evokes an authentic American
motorcycling heritage and lifestyle.  The Company will distribute its products
through a quality, nationally recognized dealer network.  Excelsior-Henderson
is one of only two authentic American motorcycle companies exclusively
committed to the manufacture of motorcycles.  The production-intent 1999 Super
X motorcycle was unveiled August 3, 1998, during the Sturgis Rally and Races.
Motorcycle production is scheduled to begin during the fourth quarter of 1998.