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Rising Crude Oil Prices Should Be Met With Increased Use Of Ethanol


By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

Marc J. Rauch

Forty-five years ago, America was unprepared for the sudden spike in oil prices and attempt by oil producers to limit access to the oil. Today, we're in a different situation thanks to our domestic ethanol industry and proven experience using ethanol-gasoline blends.

Sure, there's still the ridiculous lies against ethanol spread by the American Petroleum Institute and their paid academic/media whores, but they've been proven wrong time and again. Their protestations are just a mirror of the sick claims by the tobacco industry that smoking is not harmful.

It's time to stop Iran in its tracks from building nuclear weapons, and it's time to put the entire petroleum industry in its place.

Instead of Donald Trump throwing the door open to year-round availability of E15 ethanol-gasoline blends (a good smart decision), we should take the gloves off and make E30 our basic fuel for all gasoline-powered passenger vehicles. As tests have shown, E30 can provide better performance and mileage than either E10 or E0. More important, E30 would allow America to eliminate virtually all U.S. need for foreign petroleum oil.

Switching to E30 will drive the global price of crude into the toilet, putting the economies of rogue nations like Iran and Russia into a tail spin. It'll also signal to other countries held hostage by OPEC that they, too, can safely and economically switch to higher ethanol-level blends of engine fuel.

For those who can't wait any longer for a formal national action to strike back, you can splash blend your own E30 fuel by adding E85 to your vehicle's fuel tanks every time you fill up. Remember, Brazil's standard fuel is E27. The vehicles sold in Brazil are essentially the same vehicles sold in America. You can't find stories coming out of Brazil that claim E27 is hurting their passenger vehicles.

Let's put the death squeeze on the oil despots and dictators instead of them trying to do it to us.


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