Over 4000 Mazda MX-5 Owners Rate The Car Highly

mazda mx-5
2014 Mazda MX-5

May 23, 2014: WeLoveAnyCar.com, the UK’s largest car review site, analysed the opinions of over 4000 MX-5 owners and found owners happy to recommend the most affordable sports car on the market.

Over 4000 Mazda MX-5 owners rate their car highly, especially when it comes to ‘Recommending’ them with an overall score of 4.75 out of 5.

The worldwide success of the so-called ‘affordable sports car,’ is echoed in almost all owner ratings with a score of 4.54 out of 5 for ‘Exciting to Drive’ and 4.84 out of 5 for ‘Great to Drive’. Importantly, the ‘Reliability’ score is 4.71 out of 5 – one of the highest for any car on the WeLoveAnyCar.com car review site.

Only when it comes to practicality does the MX-5 lose points with its owners. ‘Comfort’ is rated 3.89 out of 5 with ‘Economy’ its lowest mark at 3.58 out of 5.

Many MX-5 owners make the point in over 670 WeLoveAnyCar.com reviews and 3,512 owner votes that, for a car of its size, they are disappointed by the poor MPG it achieves. Owners’ comments recorded on the free-to-use site eclipse this one disadvantage as MX-5 drivers clearly are very much in love with their MX-5. Comments include:

“The most fun you can have in a car, makes you feel like a child on your first bike when you drive it, especially when the sun is shining and the roof is down. Don't ever want to part with mine!”

“A real driver's car that always puts a smile on my face and a quick admiring look over my shoulder at the end of the day. Everyone should own one of these at some point in their lives.”

“The thinking man's sports car. Who needs 500bhp when you can throw this chariot around corners as if it was on rails?”

“I upgraded my silver Mk2 to a 2010 Anniversary which I absolutely love. The curves on the body of the Mk2 however still make my mouth water!!”

“The Mazda MX5 is a great car to drive, perfect for when myself and the wife fancy a drive out without the children. We just love it.”

“I am 78 and still savour taking my Mark 2 out of the garage and going off to seek the open road. Driving it keeps my love of cars alive, but I enjoy looking at it too … there are few rivals at any price.”

WeLoveAnyCar.com is UK’s biggest car review site, with over 559,594 car reviews and votes and has over double the number of reviews Mazda itself publishes for the MX-5.

Now, as Mazda joins forces with Alfa Romeo to develop the brand new MX-5, early details show some startling new designs and reports of two engine choices, including Mazda’s new highly regarded ‘SkyActiv’ system which combines weight loss and more efficient engines to boost fuel economy.

There are 95,997 Mazda MX-5s registered on British roads according to government statistics released in April 2014. Since the MX-5 launch 25 years ago at the Chicago Auto Show, Mazda have introduced 55 different model variations to the UK, and, despite its name, only the ‘Phoenix’ version is no is longer registered by anyone in Britain – a testament to the car’s reliability and the basic design which has stood the test of time.

A WeLoveAnyCar.com spokesman commented, “There is clearly a large and active fan base for the Mazda MX-5 in the UK. The new MX-5 has cutting edge design coupled with significant advances in fuel economy. Our car reviewers are telling Mazda that there will be simply no reason not to buy the new model when it is released.”

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