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BREAKING NEWS: No Hostages Taken at Ethanol Plants ...Again

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Things remain peaceful at American ethanol plants for the 14,312th consecutive day.

AUTO CENTRAL - January 16, 2013: The Auto Channel was able to confirm this morning that no hostages have been taken at any ethanol plant in America. And while we're still awaiting confirmation that no hostages have been taken at any ethanol plants throughout the world, TACH's management is confident that once reports are finalized that it will be confirmed.

Counting today, it appears, unofficially at least, that this is the 14,312th consecutive day since the October 1973 oil crisis that no hostages have been abducted by any militant group from any ethanol plant. There was a report in May 2003 that Mary Bruener, a sales clerk at an Iowa-based ethanol plant was taken hostage, but it turned out it was just friends of hers who were taking her to the local Applebee's for a birthday celebration.

Today's report means that, once again, no lives were lost, no U.S. combat troops were dispatched, no naval assets were deployed, no Tomahawk missiles were fired, no helicopters were shot down, and no drones were needed to go behind enemy lines in order to protect any ethanol production facilities or the flow of ethanol to American service stations.

In a related story, televised reports are showing that service stations around America are not reporting any long waits for motorists to fill up on any fuel.

This story comes in the wake of the latest news from Algeria that Al Qaeda militants raided a BP gas field and abducted 41 hostages from nine or ten different nations, including seven from America. Meanwhile American troops and military assets continue to be deployed around the world, at tax payer expense, to protect the global oil industry.