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U.S. Court of Appeals Smacks Down Anti-Ethanol Lobby

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The Auto Channel joins American Coalition for Ethanol in applauding U.S. Court of Appeals Decision on E15

There is "No proof that any engine has been or would be damaged by E15..."

SIOUX FALLS, SD - August 17, 2015: The American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) today praised a ruling from the United States Court of Appeals in Washington DC on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) approval of E15 blends. (A blend of gasoline mixed with 15 percent ethanol).

The court ruled that the petroleum, engine, and grocery trade associations who were hoping to appeal the EPA’s approval had no proof that any engine has been or would be damaged by E15, and therefore had no legal standing to bring forward an appeal in court. The legal petition was dismissed for a lack of jurisdiction.

ACE Executive Director Brian Jennings says the court’s decision is a huge win for consumers.

“This is great news for consumers looking for more affordable options when filling up at the pump. This ruling tells the public that EPA’s decision to permit E15 as an option wasn’t a rush to judgment and that this fuel is safe,” Jennings said.

“We’ve been saying for years that the ethanol industry did everything the right way when we worked on getting E15 legally approved. The EPA underwent an exhaustive process in testing the fuel and making sure it would be compatible in vehicles with a model year of 2001 and newer before it was legal for public sale. Simply put, E15 has been the most tested fuel in history and that it is safe and can be used in the vehicles it is intended for,” Jennings said.

Marc Rauch, The Auto Channel's Co-Publisher, says "Not only is there nothing bad about using E15 in any vehicle, I'd rather have my fuel money go to American farmers than to foreign terrorists."

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