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Motorsports Brands - BUBBA Burger Signs Sponsor Deal With JTG Daugherty

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HARRISBURG, January 25, 2012: Today JTG Daugherty Racing revealed BUBBA burger® has signed on with the racing organization as a primary sponsor for Bobby Labonte’s No. 47 Toyota Camry during the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

BUBBA burger is scheduled to have prominent position on Labonte’s car during the Pocono 400 at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Penn. June 10 and also during the Geico 400 at Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Ill. on September 16.

”BUBBA burger is excited to return as a sponsor of JTG Daugherty Racing,” according to Billy Morris President/CEO of BUBBA foods. “NASCAR Fans have grown to be great fans of BUBBA burger at the track and at home. It was an easy decision for us to partner with great brands like Kingsford Charcoal, Bush’s Beans and SCOTT Products for our Racing Season is Grilling Season promotion. Together we will win on the track and off the track.”

Additionally, BUBBA burger is scheduled to have presence on Labonte’s machine as an associate sponsor for the full season. BUBBA burger is an obvious fit for JTG Daugherty Racing’s retail theme ‘Racing Season is Grilling Season’.

“BUBBA burger has activated a lot in our sport and it’s great to hear they are sponsoring our Toyota Camry this year,” said Labonte. “BUBBA burger used to be JTG Daugherty Racing’s partner and I know Tad (Geschickter) is happy to have them back. They fall right into the team’s marketing theme ‘Racing Season is Grilling Season’ and they are the #1 branded frozen burger in the United States.

“They compliment JTG Daugherty Racing’s existing partners, such as, Kingsford Charcoal, Bush’s Beans and the Scott Brand,” Labonte continued. “Oh, and they have some fun tag lines: You’ll NEVER Bite A Burger Better Than A BUBBA!! and The Burger that Says BITE ME!!”

The BUBBA burger is sold nationwide throughout the United States as well as world-wide through the U.S. Military Commissary system. BUBBA burger® is a natural choice for quality and convenience, using only top choice meat to produce our uniquely shaped, gluten free BUBBA burgers. Take them right from your freezer to your grill, BUBBA burgers come in many varieties to fit your taste. Race to your favorite local grocers freezer and grab some BUBBA burgers so that you are sure to receive the Checkered Flag from your family and friends.

For more information on products, recipes or to ask questions, visit WWW.BUBBAFOODS.COM or the official BUBBA burger fan page on Facebook at for all of the latest news, events and contests. BUBBA burger can also be found on Twitter at


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Bubba Foods is excited to welcome the newest member to the BUBBA burger® family of products. The new Turkey BUBBA burgers® have hit the market and are moving fast! The Turkey BUBBA burgers® are made of 100% All Natural White Turkey and have the classic BUBBA burger® shape. The Turkey BUBBA burgers® are 4 oz. burgers with 160 calories each, 5 grams of fat and lower sodium. The Turkey BUBBA burger® meets the criteria of the American Heart Association® for its low saturated fat content and low cholesterol, providing a healthy choice for those desiring a great BUBBA burger® taste. The American Heart Association seal is even on the box! All of the juicy quality you would expect from BUBBA burger! Our 2 lb. box contains 8 of our 4 oz. Turkey burgers!

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