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Special Motorsports Event - 2012 Chili Bowl Preview

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Tulsa, Jan 2, 2012: The qualifying night assignments for the 26th Annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals at the QuikTrip Center’s Tulsa Expo Raceway have been set, as the January 10-14 mega-event caps off the bowl season.

Currently, a total of 247 drivers representing 30 different states as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Finland have registered for the event, with more likely before race time.

The star-studded field has been quartered and distributed among the four Qualifying nights running from Tuesday through Friday. The top three finishers from each night's main event will be locked into the Saturday night, January 14, 50-lap Chili Bowl championship main event with the balance of Saturday's lineups determined by qualifying night finishing positions.

A glance at each night's qualifying lineups, all tentative and subject to change, is as follows:

Tuesday, January 10 – Warren CAT Qualifying Night

Past Feature Starters (13): Jerry Coons, Jr. 12, Joe Boyles 3, Thomas Meseraull 3, Michael Pickens 3, Casey Shuman 3, Bubba Altig 2, Jac Haudenschild 2, Danny Stratton 2, Brady Bacon 1, Jonathan Beason 1, Darren Hagen 1, Kyle Larson 1, Bobby Michnowicz 1.

2011 Chili Bowl Main Event Starters: Michael Pickens (3rd), Jonathan Beason (4th), Jerry Coons, Jr. (11th), Jac Haudenschild (22nd), Thomas Meseraull (24th).

Rookies (14): Andee Beierle, Jake Blackhurst, Brenden Bright, Patrick Clark, Jimmy Harris, Davey Heskin, Bubba Hunt, Jason Lair, Tim Lynch, Kyle Smith, Jesse Sobbing, Matt Ward, Waylon Weaver, Ryan York.

On the Chili Bowl Seniority Charts: Steve Newman 20, Jerry Coons, Jr. 14, Joe Boyles 13, Floyd Alvis 10, Stephen Arnold 10, R.J. Johnson 10, Thomas Meseraull 10.

Tuesday's Entries:

Tuesday’s card will also include the Fourth Annual Vacuworx International Race of Champions. The contenders for VIROC IV honors will be announced soon.

Wednesday, January 11 – River Spirit Casino Qualifying Night

Past Feature Starters (12): Sammy Swindell 18, Jason Leffler 11, Brad Kuhn 6, Jon Stanbrough 6, Cole Whitt 4, Donnie Ray Crawford 3, Josh Ford 3, Zach Daum 1, Tony Roney 1, Gary Taylor 1, Brandon Waelti 1, Paul White 1.

2011 Chili Bowl Main Event Starters: Sammy Swindell (2nd), Brad Kuhn (6th), Cole Whitt (8th), Jon Stanbrough (9th), Donnie Ray Crawford (12th), Jason Leffler (20th).

Rookies (15): Clint Boyles, Taylor Lynn Ferns, Mike Lapp, Bob Lawlor, Wes McIntyre, Tyler Millwood, Tyler Reddick, Bryan Severs, Danny Smith, Kevin Thomas, Jr., Richard VanderWeerd, Dustin Weland, Robbie Whitchurch, Harli White, Ricky Wright.

On the Chili Bowl Seniority Charts: Sammy Swindell 21, David Camfield,Jr. 17, Jason Leffler 15, Nick O’Neal 13, Josh Ford 10, Brandon Waelti 10, Paul White 10.

Wednesday's Entries:

Thursday, January 12 – Suburban Chevrolet Qualifying Night

Past Feature Starters (14): Tracy Hines 11, Shane Cottle 8, J.J. Yeley 6, Steve Buckwalter 5, Matt Westfall 5, Damion Gardner 4, Kevin Swindell 3, Chris Windom 3, Don Droud, Jr. 2, Shane Golobic 2, Chad Boat 1, A.J. Fike 1, Mike Goodman 1, Brad Sweet 1.

2011 Chili Bowl Main Event Starters: Kevin Swindell (1st), Damion Gardner (14th), Shane Golobic (17th), Shane Cottle (21st), Steve Buckwalter (23rd).

Rookies (11): Ryan Bernal, Randy Boyer, A.J. Hopkins, Mike Hudson, Kip Hughes, Shawn Jackson, Steve Lewis, Donald McIntosh, Paige Polyak, Clint Schubert, Rick Shuman.

On the Chili Bowl Seniority Charts: Tracy Hines 15, J.J. Yeley 15, A.J. Fike 13, Tim Siner 13, Matt Westfall 13, Shane Cottle 12.

Thursday's Entries:

Friday, January 13 – Vacuworx International Qualifying Night

Past Feature Starters (13): Dave Darland 12, Cory Kruseman 10, Bobby East 5, Davey Ray 4, Bud Kaeding 3, Brad Loyet 3, Daryn Pittman 3, Rich Camfield 2, Bryan Clauson 2, Levi Jones 2, Brent Beauchamp 1, Shane Hollingsworth 1, Brad Mosen 1.

2011 Chili Bowl Main Event Starters: Bryan Clauson (5th), Bobby East (7th), Daryn Pittman (10th), Brad Loyet (13th), Cory Kruseman (16th), Dave Darland (18th).

Rookies (13): Chase Barber, Ryan Blakeman, Alex Bright, Kyle Edwards, David Gravel, Brandon Hahn, Markus Niemela, Alex Schutte, Jake Swanson, Jace VanderWeerd, Vinny Villeggiante, Mike Visser, Cole Wood

On the Chili Bowl Seniority Charts: Rich Camfield 21, Ron Kuhn 18, Dave Darland 14, Cory Kruseman 14, Johnny Murdock 14, Bud Kaeding 11, Shane Hollingsworth 10, Davey Ray 10.

Friday's Entries:

Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals Quick Facts:

What: 26th Annual Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Midget Nationals

Where: Tulsa Expo Raceway – -mile clay oval inside the QuikTrip Center at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds

When: January 10-14, 2011 Tuesday – Warren CAT Qualifying Night plus Vacuworx Chili Bowl Race of Champions Wednesday – River Spirit Casino Qualifying Night Thursday – Suburban Chevrolet Qualifying Night Friday – Vacuworx International Qualifying Night Saturday – Lucas Oil Championship Feature Events

The five nights of racing action will be preceded by a practice session on Monday, January 9.