Hoe Hoe Hoe - It's Time For Americans To Plant Victory (Over OPEC) Gardens

victory over opec (select to view enlarged photo)
Victory Over OPEC Gardens

AUTO CENTRAL - June 26, 2011: America is at war with outside forces that are controlling our economy, our state department and our bought and paid for politicians... it's time for patriotic Americans to take up hoes once again and show these anti-Americans that we are angry as hell and won't take it anymore.

In WWII every neighborhood in our country had Victory Gardens, which were planted in backyards and on apartment-building rooftops, even vacant lots were "commandeered for the war effort!" and put to use as a cornfield or a squash patch.

Sections of lawns were publicly plowed for plots in Hyde Park, London to publicize the movement. In New York City, lawns and vacant lots were devoted to victory gardens, as were portions of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

Although at first the Department of Agriculture objected to Eleanor Roosevelt's institution of a victory garden on the White House grounds, fearing that such a movement would hurt the food industry, basic information about gardening appeared in public services booklets distributed by the Department of Agriculture, as well as by agribusiness corporations such as International Harvester and Beech-Nut.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that more than 20 million victory gardens were planted. Fruit and vegetables harvested in these home and community plots was estimated to be 9-10 million tons, an amount equal to all commercial production of fresh vegetables.

It was emphasized to home front urbanites and suburbanites that the produce from their gardens would help to lower the price of vegetables needed by the US War Department to feed the troops, thus saving money that could be spent elsewhere on the military: "Our food is fighting," one US poster read. In Britain the slogan "Dig for Victory" was ubiquitous.

So what does this have to do with today? Our country is blessed with an abundance of food so why should non-farmers need to again brush up on their horticultural skills?

I believe that a new form of Victory Garden become ubiquitous throughout America, but this time the new farmers should be planting and growing the raw material to replace gasoline in our country.. .switch-grass, which returns 540% more energy than it takes to grow it (see Scientific American HERE.

PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

Switchgrass grows just like the weed it is and will easily reach 6-8 feet in height...it requires a minimum of care, a minimum of watering and `virtually no fertilizer. The appearance of Victory Over OPEC Gardens throughout our country will be proof positive to our oil bought and paid for politicians that its time for them to represent our citizens instead of protecting gasoline's 100 year old monopoly.

Collection areas will take the harvested switchgrass from the patriotic green-thumbers and give them a chit that will provide a discount for them at a local Flex-fuel distribution point.

Hey its gotta happen in order to free America from our OPEC masters. Sadly our piss-poor politicians are more interested in sustaining their careers instead of getting America going on sustainable domestic fuel.

Every Victory Over OPEC Garden will show these anti-Americans just how serious we are...hoe anyone?

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