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The Auto Channel was founded in May 1987 by Bob Gordon and Marc Rauch. Until 1992, The Auto Channel (Our name, The Auto Channel is Trademarked and Registered by the United States Government: Reg. No. 3,443,738) delivered automotive entertainment and information as a syndicated weekly broadcast TV show. In 1995 www.theautochannel.com became the original and largest independent online resource for editorial based automotive research and information.

At the beginning,(1995-1997) way before any other automotive website provided on-line pioneers with free automotive information and tools - data that could make its viewers smarter car buyers - The Auto Channel set the tone for how all automotive websites would conduct business (there were some sites that tried to charge a fee for what we provided at no charge).

Before any other automotive web site recognized the value of video and audio to an on-line viewer; The Auto Channel did; and continues to do so now. In fact, we were the Internet's first user of streaming video.

Before any automotive site thought it important enough to create and maintain an archive of new car specs, reviews, comparisons, auto industry news, PR releases and articles so that automotive researchers could have easy access to millions of these stories forever, The Auto Channel did and continues to do so now.

With so much automotive information here, it is a good idea to let us help you find just the info you are looking for.


If you arrived at The Auto Channel.com to gather auto information that will help make you a smarter buyer, no matter what your automotive knowledge, congratulations, because our well thought-out and invented-here exclusive auto research tools and content will surely be of help to you…Or you can just scroll down our long, long nav bar located on the left of this page, it will give you direct access to specific auto research and information.

But we don’t expect to see you back here for about six years or until the next time you need our automotive information to help you to narrow your own or another buyer’s auto purchase consideration list. Or we may see before then, when your notoriety as a car guru precedes you and you need access to honest facts to back up your opinions or suppositions.

ARE YOU AN AUTO ENTHUSIASTIC? (About 25% of Our Audience)

If you are here at The Auto Channel because you are an auto enthusiastic, welcome brothers and sisters, we have no doubt that you will become regular visitors here. Because we have designed and maintain The Auto Channel so you can find 100% relevant automotive content that will provide you with answers and data for your automotive questions here throughout The Auto Channel.

If you are looking for esoteric or top line data about Cadillac, by searching The Auto Channel’s million pages of content we promise you will not find any links to a Cadillac Dog Food site, unlike a Google Search might return. Unlike search engine searches The Auto Channel will return only 100% Automotive Information and multi-media responses to your query.

Only here on The Auto Channel can auto enthusiastic's find single brand Buyers Guides that contain current data including; specs, reviews, pricing, comparisons and expert opinion about every one of the 42 brands of automobiles sold in North America, from 1997-2013 (find them here).

The Auto Channel news archive contains automotive news and releases within more than 50 automotive topics sections, containing over 17 years of automotive news, stories, article and facts that are nowhere else, as text, audio and video articles,and complete auto show coverage. HERE.

And because you are an auto enthusiastic, we know that you want to watch complete videos from the major auto show’s manufacturer's press events, not just an edited minute version of the presentation but The Auto Channel's exclusive Press Pass Coverage, video of the complete press presentation no matter how long it lasted, event from auto shows from 1997-2011…Detroit, LA, NY, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, and Frankfurt, just like you were at the event yourself.

You will also find complete video coverage of many Alt Fuel meetings and conventions, and see and hear the truth about our country’s lack of an honest effort to break our gasoline habit…like getting off of drugs it’s not an easy thing, especially since our government continues saying it wants to help, but does everything it can to continue the gasoline monopoly.

So we are glad you are here, no matter why, and let me know what you think (msnide@theautochannel.com).

Enjoy and be sure to use your best research methodologies to find what you want within The Auto Channel’s million pages of content, Get Smart Not Screwed .

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