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KLD Energy Technologies Launches Pilot Partner Program Targeting Asian Vehicle Manufacturers

AUSTIN, Texas--In response to growing demand, Austin-based KLD Energy Technologies, Inc. announces the launch of a new Pilot Partner Program, dubbed P3, for two- and three-wheeled vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Targeting manufacturers based in India and China, the program enables selected companies to test KLD Energy Technologies’ patented, high-frequency, high torque-at-low RPM, transmissionless motor system to ensure it meets key design specifications.

“Leading vehicle manufacturers recognize our motor system represents a paradigm shift in electric motors. We are targeting India and China because of the unparalleled growth of the market for scooters in these countries. Manufacturers are looking for affordable, high-performance solutions to replace gas-powered vehicles,” said Christian Okonsky, founder and CEO of KLD Energy Technologies and its subsidiary, KLD Motors America, Inc. (KMA).

Through P3, vehicle OEM manufacturers can determine the motor’s capabilities and specifications prior to executing larger volume orders. Vijay Davar, president and vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for KLD Energy Technologies and KMA, is implementing the program on behalf of the company.

“We are excited to announce the P3 program. It demonstrates our support and commitment to early partners in building successful and lucrative alliances,” said Davar. “Our cutting-edge technology provides leading manufacturers with a solution to key performance challenges inherent to traditional electric motor propulsion systems for all vehicles.”

Leveraging a patented technology, KLD Energy Technologies and KMA have launched a high-performance motor system which uses nano-crystalline composite materials to achieve lower power and greater efficiency than traditional, iron-core motors. The high-frequency to low RPM ratio eliminates the need for any transmission, substantially increasing the efficiency of vehicles. The highly responsive system enables electric vehicles to attain the same speeds and performance levels available in gas-powered vehicles at lower costs of operation and ownership.

Scooters of all types are replacing bicycles as a primary mode of transportation in Asian cities and other densely populated regions. Increasingly, leading Asian nations are striving to curb dangerous levels of pollution and are instituting a range of strategies, including promoting the adoption of electric scooters.

Earlier this year KMA announced a deal with Sufat, the leading Vietnamese scooter manufacturer, to produce its high-performance motor for a new line of scooters. Production of the motors is slated to begin in the fourth quarter at KMA’s manufacturing facility in Hanoi, Vietnam. The manufacturing of electronic controls is based in Austin, Texas.

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About KLD Energy Technologies, Inc.

Austin-based KLD Energy Technologies designs and licenses a patented, high-performance electric motor system technology. The company’s cornerstone technology is a high-frequency, low RPM, transmissionless motor system that increases the speed and efficiency of electric vehicles.

KLD Energy Technologies’ mission is to transform transportation and decrease pollution through high-performance electric motor systems. The company’s technology represents a paradigm shift in motor design, enabling the production of highly efficient, environmentally friendly two- and three-wheeled vehicles.

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About KLD Motors America, Inc. (KMA)

KMA, a subsidiary of KLD Energy Technologies, manufactures patented, high-performance electric motor systems for the international scooter, motorcycle and three-wheeled vehicle market. Through advanced manufacturing, KMA produces electric motors from a nano-crystalline composite material in its Hanoi, Vietnam facility.

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