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Things Are Getting Sticky at Roush

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LIVONIA, MI - February 2, 2009: Things are getting sticky at ROUSH Performance with the introduction of a new ROUSH Threadlocker and ROUSH Super Glue. Far from another “me too” type of product, these two offerings are unique in the adhesives marketplace in a number of ways, including an innovative new glue dispenser.

One of the most common complaints about super glue products is that the contents often dry and harden to an unusable form between customer uses rendering the glue unusable. This has been addressed with an innovative applicator system in the ROUSH Super Glue.

The ROUSH Super Glue is the only product of its type with a patented drip-proof and clog-proof delivery tip that allows a 12-month guarantee against hardening. This innovative tube also eliminates excess waste during the application and was designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand to ensure greater accuracy.

Reactor-blended under the strictest process controls, the new ROUSH Super Glue is available in three gram size and 10 gram sizes. For those who prefer the traditional crimped tube packaging, the ROUSH Super Glue is also sold in an economy six-pack with the standard style of dispenser.

The ROUSH Threadlocker is available in two strengths; the “Blue” product is a medium-strength application which locks and seals while preventing parts from loosening due to vibration. The “Blue” formula is removable with hand tools and helps to prevent corrosion on the threads. On the other hand, the “Red” is much stronger and intended for more applications such as permanently locking studs or press fits. It is designed to secure any parts that must withstand heavy shock, vibration or extreme chemical or environmental conditions.

Both formulas are designed to work in temperatures ranging from minus 60 to 350 degrees and have a quick 10 to 20 minute drying time. Just one drop will prevent loosening and provide a secure hold without the need for additional - and often expensive - locking devices such as washers.

The ROUSH Threadlocker is available in either a two milliliter tube or a larger 10 milliliter size. This larger size tube is priced below a six millimeter tube of other competitive products on the market.

Also available in the lineup is a ROUSH Rear View Mirror Adhesive.

“As you would expect, through our ROUSH Performance and Roush Fenway divisions we have a lot of experience in vehicle assembly and have a lot of knowledge about glue and threadlocker uses,” said Jack Roush. “The new ROUSH Threadlocker and ROUSH Super Glue were developed utilizing this experience. I am especially pleased with the unique dispenser which will keep the glue from hardening in the package and keeping it ready when the customer needs it. No more special trips to the store just because your package of glue dried up in between uses.”