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Lionax Launches a Unique New Product, "SecuNavi" by Integrating GPS and TPMS Functions


PARIS, December 24, 2008: Lionax, the first Chinese company listed on Euronext, announced today that it has recently delivered a unique new product, "SecuNavi", by integrating GPS and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Lionax launched this new product at the U.S. AAPEX Show in Las Vegas on November 1st, 2008. This patented technology provides solutions for GPS navigation product by adding tire pressure monitoring functions. It increases the safety of commercial vehicles, and contributes to reducing their fuel consumption.

The new add-in TPMS technology is easy to use for GPS and allows a more efficient tire pressure control. By simply plugging in the video cable from the commercial GPS and replacing it with the add-in wireless pressure data receiving device connected with the video input cable, information appear directely on the LCD's screen of the GPS. Furthermore, when a tire pressure is critical, an alarm signal is transmitted through a blinking on the LCD screen. This add-in TPMS technology provides transport companies with a more centralised and efficient way to control tire pressure.

James Yang, CEO of Lionax said: "Lionax's patented add-in TPMS technology and SecuNavi products provide an innovative and attractive solution for passenger cars, trucks and semi-trailers for both manufacturers and owners. Lionax was contacted by GPS providers and manufacturers to license its add-in TPMS technology to existing GPSs in order to commercialise it in Europe and in the United States. This patented solution for the GPS technology provides an efficient tire pressure check function designed for commercial vehicles. The new SecuNavi device is packed with a unique technology that required two years of R&D development. This new product will be a major contributor for our revenue in 2009 and it will be a key step for Lionax's implementation of its strategy to penetrate the automotive market in Europe and the U.S.A.."

David Liu, CMO of Lionax said: "Orders of SecuNavi products have already been received, including from major domestic China auto parts distributors, and, for the first time, from a Southern American customer, DE VITA BERLINCK from Brazil. Lionax's add-in TPMS technology and SecuNavi products provide a competitive solution for car manufacturers and owners. Since last year, in the United States, tire pressure monitoring has become a legal requirement for new cars and light trucks. In Europe, a similar legal requirement will be mandatory by 2012. By using this SecuNavi product, worldwide car drivers and transport companies will make roads safer, and at the same time will enjoy GPS navigation, fuel savings and longer tire life. This recently delivered SecuNavi product is part of Lionax's implementation of its global marketing strategy the aim of which is to provide a "Secure Drive, Green Drive" solution worldwide."