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Audi Selects Alcoa Wheel's Dura-Bright Technology for New A6

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CLEVELAND, OH. Oct. 10, 2008 - Audi AG has selected Alcoa to supply forged aluminum wheels with Dura-Bright technology surface treatment for the new 2009 Audi A6 recently debuting at the Paris International Motor Show.

Dura-Bright technology enhances the image of the vehicle and the ownership experience by making the wheels easy to clean while protecting against corrosion. Dura-Bright technology is the latest innovation in aluminum from Alcoa, who first helped Audi pioneer the lightweight aluminum space frame on the original A8.

It was clear that Audi required a new wheel solution that is durable while retaining a high quality, innovative finish, explains Mike Parnell, Vice President and General Manager Alcoa Auto Wheels. By staying cleaner longer, Dura-Bright technology wheels enhance a vehicles appearance allowing Audi A6 owners to enjoy their vehicle while lowering maintenance efforts.

Traditional alloy wheels rely on lacquer as a finish and protection against the elements. During heat cycling, brake dust and grime can penetrate the lacquer to create a yellow discoloration or black specks that cannot be removed. Dura-Bright technology penetrates the surface of the wheel to become an integral part of the aluminum itself. It resists peeling, cracking and corrosion while offering a premium finish in keeping with Audis vehicle design philosophy.

Alcoas proprietary Dura-Bright technology surface treatment has been offered in the commercial vehicle marketing since 2003, and more recently in the automotive OEM market. Launched into the automotive marketplace in 2007, Dura-Bright technology by Alcoa is now available on several leading Global automotive platforms. Fitment on the Audi A6 signals the first application of Dura-Bright technology for a European luxury sedan.

In addition, all Dura-Bright technology wheels are produced by Alcoas forged engineering expertise. Alcoa forged aluminum wheels provide increased strength and durability gains and are typically twice as strong as a comparable cast aluminum wheel in crush tests. Further, a forged wheel reduces un-sprung weight on a car, maximizing vehicle performance, including more responsive steering and braking performance, while reducing weight compared to a similar cast aluminum wheel by over 20 percent. Additionally, CO2 emissions are lowered and fuel economy is enhanced due to the weight reduction.

We are proud to work with Audi to provide our eighteen-inch wheel with Dura-Bright technology for the new A6 offering easy to clean maintenance benefits coupled with the strength and light weight advantages of a forged aluminum wheel for improved driving dynamics, concludes Parnell.

The launch of Dura-Bright technology with Audi follows on from Alcoas Sixtieth Anniversary of developing, producing and supplying forged aluminum wheels to the global automotive and commercial vehicle industries. For more information, visit STRONG WHEELS.