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BMW Begins Production of H2 Powered ICE 7 Series - Wow!

BMW 7 Hydrogen


VIDEO: BMW Hydrogen 7 Leaves Water Vapor in Berlin.


VIDEO: Interior Shots BMW Hydrogen 7


VIDEO: Filling Up!
Filling procedure at the CEP (Clean Energy Partnership) TOTAL filling station, Heerstraße in Berlin, Germany Filling the car with liquefied hydrogen

Video: BMW Hydrogen Technology 3-D animation (tank and engine)

BMW Hydrogen Technology The car is filled with a user-friendly hydrogen nozzle.

After locking the nozzle, the fueling line is released for filling. Liquefied Hydrogen sprays into the tank. Inside the tank, a layer of gaseous hydrogen can always be found on top of the liquefied hydrogen.

When the filling process is finished, the nozzle is released in reverse order.

When the car is started, the engine is supplied with gaseous hydrogen Gaseous hydrogen flows at ambient temperature into the H2 engine.

In the intake manifold, the gaseous hydrogen is mixed with oxygen from the air. In the H2 combustion engine, this mixture is burnt and converted directly into mechanical energy.

The engine can be switched trouble-free between H2 mode and petrol mode (bivalent operation).

The combustion of hydrogen and oxygen produces water vapour. Water vapour flows through the exhaust system. Water vapour emerges. The cycle "water-hydrogen-water" closes.

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Draeger, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG On hydrogen as the fuel of the future and the hydrogen combustion engine

VIDEO Q: Why does BMW consider hydrogen as the fuel of the future and why do you use the hydrogen combustion engine?
A: "According to all experts, hydrogen is the only energy carrier, that can replace fuels like diesel or gasoline in future. As we stand for sustainability, we have decided to develop a product with the BMW Hydrogen 7, that gives our customers also in future sustainable mobility. The internal combustion engine is the only way to combine the BMW typical agility and the BMW typical dynamics."

VIDEO Q: What do you think about the build-up of the hydrogen infrastructure? A: "With the BMW Hydrogen 7 we have developed and presented to the public the first hydrogen vehicle, which is built in a small series production. It is now upon the government, the energy industry and the oil industry to do the second step. Together with the suppliers we have developed the product in a very close network."

VIDEO Q: What role will the hydrogen fuel cell play in the future? A: "With the BMW Hydrogen 7 we have decided in favour of the internal combustion engine. We believe, only the internal combustion engine will provide us with the BMW typical dynamics and agility. The fuel cell is of course part of our research. We see the fuel cell as the auxiliary power unit, that can provide us electrical power during standstill and also while driving."