Carz4Girlz - Because GirlZ Are Car CraZy Too!

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Ilyse in a 2005 Chevy Corvette - Ooh Baby!

By Ilyse Gordon and Friends
The Auto Channel
Louisville Bureau

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Hi, I am Ilyse Gordon, my Dad is one of the founders of The Auto Channel so I've grown up around car talk my whole life. Not only is my dad a car nut but so are my brothers and sisters…in fact my oldest sister not only likes cars but she owns and rides a motorcycle…it’s a good thing that she lives across the country because I think dad would have a conniption fit seeing her ride her bike.

Over the years opinions about cars seemed to enter my family’s conversations no matter what we were talking about… and although there are lots of great auto journalists writing for The Auto Channel, I thought that some of you out there would like to hear which cars and models my sisters and I think meet the needs and likes of Girlz.

GirlZ? Yeah I know, but please excuse the z, we all tried to tell dad that spelling girls with a z is kind of cheesy but hey he is still dad and sometimes we have to humor him… so the url of this new editorial section is, it may be cheesy but we hope that this section of The Auto Channel will be adopted by female viewers who agree or disagree with our opinions and fill in the blanks with opinions of their own…just e mail them to me at and I will make sure that they get published and linked to the car in your comments.

Now that I am 18 I was finally allowed to attend the media preview of a major auto show, and because all things were working in my favor I was able to travel to the 2005 Chicago Auto Show, and spend some time with the other journalists who were there to absorb and get the scoop on new models and options.

I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert in which cars are the best mechanically, and which can handle the most G force(that's a G for gravity not Girlz), but I will tell you this, I know what I like, and have always had a knack to lead the fashion pack…so here goes… opinions of the cars that I think girls will like…voila; I hope you enjoy.

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Carz4Girlz - Because Girls Are Car Crazy Too!

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More to come, I promise.

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