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Carmichael and Windham 1 & 2 at High Point

AMA Chevrolet Motocross Championship
Round 2: Mt. Morris, PA
May 31, 2004

Carmichael and Windham 1 & 2 at High Point

The lush green rolling hills along the Mason Dixon line were the setting
for what would become a picture-perfect day for round two of the AMA
Motocross Championship at High Point Raceway. Ricky Carmichael did what he
has done since his return; dominate completely on the CRF450R with
back-to-back moto victories to win the High Point national for the third
consecutive year, followed in second overall by Kevin Windham. RC's
teammate Ernesto Fonseca posted fifth overall, while Nathan Ramsey finished
sixth in the 125 class.

 "I love this place," said Carmichael. "It's like my home track, and the
fans are great."  This weekend was also the first race back for the
talented Costa Rican, Ernesto Fonseca, who suffered a torn ACL at the San
Diego Supercross. Fonseca was rejuvenated and feeling strong going into the
weekend. The front man for Honda's 125 efforts, Nathan Ramsey, was focused
and looking at making a charge on his CRF250R.

In the pursuit of another perfect season, Carmichael did not disappoint his
fans. Taking the hole-shot in the first moto, he was a man on a mission as
he opened up a few second lead over Australian, Chad Reed. But that would
be short lived. On lap two RC crashed, surrendering the lead to Reed. "I
went into the turn too hard," stated Carmichael. "My back end got in a rut
and I fell down, so I had to work for it." In a matter of seconds RC had
his CRF450R back on the charge to reclaim what he wanted: The win. It
didn't take long: On lap three, RC made an inside pass on Reed and
immediately stretched out a comfortable lead.

The battle for second heated up between Reed and Amsoil/Chaparral Honda's
Kevin Windham, but on lap seven Windham would take over second and never
look back. Carmichael went on to win moto one by more than 20 seconds. His
teammate Fonseca would take an impressive seventh in his first outing of
the season.

The start of moto two had a different flavor; Windham took the hole-shot on
his CRF450R, leading for three laps before the #4 CRF450R of Carmichael
grabbed the lead. "I told my mechanic I hope Kevin gets the hole-shot, so
we can race each other," said the smiling Carmichael. "We were elbow to
elbow going up the start and he edged me out. It was good." As the race
action heated up, K-Dub kept his Honda in the hunt. "He got away from me in
the middle of the race," explained Windham. "I kept him honest and just
wanted to finish strong." RC's perfect weekend was underscored by Windham's
second overall, and Fonseca's fifth in the second moto for fifth overall.

In the first 125 moto, Ramsey took his CRF250R to eighth and then followed
up with a fifth place finish in the second moto. Amsoil/Chaparral
youngsters fared well, but suffered problems. Honda's Ryan Mills went 10/14
for the day, followed by rookie Josh Grant, who had problems in the first
moto, but finished an impressive seventh place in moto two.

The Red Riders will get a weekend off before heading to round three in
sandy Southwick, Massachusetts on June 13. "I'm just having a blast riding
that CRF450R," said Carmichael. "I love riding it at home and racing it.
I've just got to try to win a Championship on that thing."

250 Overall Results:
1. Ricky Carmichael (1,1)-Honda
2. Kevin Windham (2,2)-Honda
3. Chad Reed (3,3)-Yamaha
4. David Vuillemin (4,4)-Yamaha
5. Ernesto Fonseca (7,5)-Honda
10. Keith Johnson (10,11)-Honda
13. Craig Anderson (13,12)-Honda
14. Jason Thomas (16,13)-Honda
15. Kyle Lewis (14,15)- Honda
19. Craig Stiles (36,17)-Honda
20. James Povolny (18,38)-Honda
23. Joseph Oehlhof (23,21)-Honda

250 Overall Points:
1. Ricky Carmichael-Honda-100
2. Kevin Windham-Honda-84
3. Chad Reed-Yamaha-80
4. David Vuillemin-Yamaha-76
5. Sean Hamblin-Suzuki-59
9. Craig Anderson-Honda-31
10. Ernesto Fonseca-Honda-30
14. Jason Thomas-Honda-25
15. Damon Huffman-Honda-24
16. Clark Stiles-Honda-23
17. Keith Johnson-Honda-21
21. Kyle Lewis-Honda-17
23. Joseph Povolny-Honda-8

125 Overall Results:
1. James Stewart (1,1)-Kawasaki
2. Broc  Hepler (2,2)-Suzuki
3. Michael Brown (4,3)-Yamaha
4. Matt Walker (3,4)-Kawasaki
5. Eric Sorby (6,6)-Kawasaki
6. Nathan Ramsey (8,5)-Honda
7. Steve Lamson (11,9)-Honda
10. Ryan Mills (10,14)-Honda
13. Josh Grant (25,7)-Honda
19. Sean Collier (16,20)-Honda
22. Tim Weigand (19,19)- Honda
29. Chris Gosselaar (36,23)-Honda

125 Overall Points:
1.James Stewart-Kawasaki-100
2. Broc Hepler-Suzuki-75
3. Michael Brown-Yamaha-74
4. Stephane Roncada-Kawasaki-55
5. Nathan Ramsey-Honda-53
8. Matt Walker-Honda-38
9. Steve Lamson-Honda-36
11. Ryan Mills-Honda-33
15. Chris Gosselaar-Honda-24
16. Sean Collier-Honda-21
20. Josh Grant-Honda-14