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Norton Motorcycle Company Launches New Nemesis with Largest Production OEM Engine Available

    MINNEAPOLIS--Jan. 28, 2003--Norton Motorcycle Company announced today that it will premier the Norton Nemesis Power Cruiser at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo Trade Show this weekend, February 1 - 3, 2003. The Expo will be held at the Albert Sabin Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    "We are extremely proud to re-introduce Norton as an American manufactured motorcycle," says Terry Nesbitt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Norton Motorcycle Company.
    According to Nesbitt, the Nemesis will be the most innovative Cruiser of 2003 and the first to truly deserve the title of Power Cruiser. "This Show will be the first opportunity for dealers to experience the numerous proprietary features of the new Nemesis."
    Among the innovations is the engine. The Nemesis is powered by the largest production OEM engine available-- a 125 cubic inch, 2050 cc Merch/Norton V-Twin delivering 130 ft lbs of torque at the rear wheel.
    "We're very excited about our joint venture with Merch Performance Inc. to build proprietary engines for Norton Motorcycle Company," says Nesbitt.
    Merch Performance is a highly specialized designer and manufacturer of high performance V-Twin engines based in the U.S. and Canada.
    "This is only the beginning and it gets bigger and better from here," says Jim Wild, President of Merch Performance. "These engines are proven performers with excellent reliability. The Merch/Norton engine will undergo a cosmetic change in order to enhance the identity of Norton Motorcycles. Merch Performance is looking forward to a long relationship with Norton Motorcycle Company and is excited for the opportunity to help restore the Norton brand to a prominent position in the motorcycle community."
    The Norton Nemesis also features a 1-1/2 inch tubular chassis design with a proprietary rubber engine mounting system. This system utilizes a transmission torque arm and plate that effectively increases belt life, reduces frame flex and distributes power more efficiently.
    The new motorcycle is also unique for its 6-speed transmission with right-hand final drive, air ride suspension and 240/40-18 Metzler radial rear tire. These hi-performance features deliver excellent power transfer, enhance chassis stability and create superior handling characteristics.
    "It is our intention to be a full-line manufacturer introducing numerous models competing in different segments of the overall market," says Nesbitt. "Our first model, the Nemesis Power Cruiser, will be available in the first quarter of 2003."
    "We are now beginning the new dealer selection process in key markets," Nesbitt continues. "This is a very unique opportunity to re-build a brand that is over 100 years old. To better serve the Norton customers we are emphasizing quality, not quantity in our dealer network. We will establish a minimal number of new dealers for 2003 with an ongoing slow growth philosophy. We feel it is imperative Norton offers a unique, high-end product available only through exclusive dealers. With Merch Performance as a valued partner, we are confident in our ability to re-build the Norton brand and establish Norton Motorcycle Company as a viable player in the motorcycle industry."
    To get a look at the Norton Nemesis and to find out more about the new Power Cruiser, visit the company's new website beginning February 1, 2003 at