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TACH SPECIAL: The Auto Channel Steps Back to the Future

Posted By Terry Callahan
Motorsports Editor, The Auto Channel

June 7, 2001

Automotive Info Giant Begins Full-Time Broadcast Schedule on DG System's CoolCast Service

AUTO CENTRAL - Way back in 1987, Bob Gordon and Marc Rauch conceived the idea for a round-the-clock television network dedicated to every aspect of the automotive world. They called the network THE AUTO CHANNEL. Two years later, their research and hard work led to the production and distribution of a limited programmed network via a hybrid distribution system that consisted of local television stations and cable systems. By 1991, armed with a proven format; unique techniques and methodology; and supported by a highly experienced team of broadcasting professionals; THE AUTO CHANNEL was ready for launch as a 24 hour-per-day, seven-days-a-week network. Plans included interactive components that would help move conventional television into the next generation of electronic media.

Unfortunately, the severe limitation of channel availability left the automotive network at the starting block and without the possibility for adequate distribution. In 1995, the “new media”, the Internet, gave THE AUTO CHANNEL an alternate opportunity to launch its interactive network, but from a different perspective: the interactive component came first. However, holding true to it’s original intent of providing TV-style content, TACH sought out ways to deliver TV programming on the net. In February 1996, THE AUTO CHANNEL became the first regular user of streaming video. Although low speed connectivity kept much of the Internet audience from watching video and television programs on THE AUTO CHANNEL Internetwork, the company was able to set virtually every precedent and ‘first’ in presenting automotive information on the Internet. THE AUTO CHANNEL presented the first live coverage of motor sports; the first live coverage of a new vehicle introduction; the first live broadcast from industry trade and consumer expositions; the first broadcasts of automotive television shows; and much more. As of today, hundreds of thousands of people watch video on TACH every month, and THE AUTO CHANNEL hosts one of the largest on-demand streaming video libraries in the entire world.

Now, as television and the Internet march towards their inexorable convergence, THE AUTO CHANNEL will once again utilize the latest technology to help turn their dream into reality.

Starting June 23, 2001, THE AUTO CHANNEL will begin broadcasting a full-time schedule of automotive related television programming as part of the CoolCast Broadband Network. The CoolCast system will allow TACH to interactively present a linear broadcast of automotive interest video programming with direct access to all of THE AUTO CHANNEL’s databases and on-demand content. The linear broadcast will consist of a complete range of automotive subjects: everything from consumer & news shows, to enthusiast & motor sports events, to industry & trade-based shows. CoolCast’s unique system and technology will also allow the programs to be viewed in “TV-Quality”.

Other content providers on the CoolCast Network include Bloomberg TV, The Weather Channel, Court TV, Game Show Network, The Home Shopping Network, Fashion TV, Adrenaline TV, Gold Label, Islands, The Family Network, Alternative Medicine, and PBS.

CoolCast (, a division of DG Systems is an Internet broadcaster that delivers join-in-progress and stored streaming video and digital audio combined with regular Web content to PC users. CoolCast’s scalable architecture benefits service providers and end users with its ability to stream audio and video content simultaneously to millions of broadband PC users. The CoolCast portfolio of patented intellectual property is currently available to broadband Internet users nationwide through partnerships with DSL and cable TV service providers.

THE AUTO CHANNEL is the world's most complete and comprehensive automotive information resource. TACH presents 18 distinct subject categories that cover every aspect of the automotive and motor sports world. Access to THE AUTO CHANNEL Internetwork can be found at Overall, visitors to THE AUTO will find:

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Text provided by Marc Rauch

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