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Pennzoil Long Life Testimonials

This is the first batch of testimonials, from real people with real cars and how they feel about Pennzoil. They were sent to The Auto Channel in response to a new link to an old old story published and submitted to The Auto Channel in 1996...Stories on The Internet are also Forever!


I have used Pennzoil in my car since it was new. About a month ago I had to change the valve cover gaskets. When I pulled the valve covers, there was no sludge build-up. I attribute this to the oil. Howard L., Princeton West Virginia

In 1984, I purchased a brand new Chevy 1/2-ton pickup. I drove this pickup for 11 years. During that time, I used Pennzoil exclusively. We used this pickup to haul our dirt bikes and go on camping trips, in addition to our everyday driving. Both of my children learned to drive in it. It survived all of the hauling heavy loads, stop and go everyday driving and my children’s' teen-age years without a problem beyond normal maintenance. We faithfully changed the oil every 3000 miles, always using Pennzoil. I attribute the long-life (including several odometer "roll-overs") of this vehicle to the faithful use of Pennzoil Motor Oil. I cried when I sold this vehicle in 1995 because I such a long history with it. However, I do love my little Mazda 626, which I bought in 1995. Believe me, I continue to use Pennzoil Motor Oil faithfully. Not surprisingly, I have had no problems with the Mazda. It's Pennzoil Motor Oil for my vehicles, for now and forever! Norma, Grover Beach, CA

My husband has only used Pennzoil products when doing oil changes for my car. For the past five years of owning this car, we have had absolutely no problems. We feel so fortunate to be able to purchase a quality product, such as Pennzoil. We definitely feel that your product has prolonged the life of our cars. Barbara B., Spokane WA

I recently had to retire my vehicle. I had a 1986 ford aerostat van. The mileage well exceeded the norm. The van had 356k miles on the poor thing. The only oil I ever used in it was Pennzoil. Before we decided to send it to the salvage yard I took the oil pan off. It was the first time I had ever had to remove it. Honestly, I was afraid of what I might find! Surprisingly, inside the oil pan was like new!!! Clean as a pin!!! All my friends said that it would make a good commercial for ford and Pennzoil! I had not had to do a lot of major work!! I currently own a 1998ford Taurus which I also only use Pennzoil motor oil in it. Everyone I know seen the inside of the oil pan and Could not believe how clean it was! KEYV

I love Pennzoil products and first found about them through my sister. She and her husband would never use any other oil. I kept asking them why, and he would say it is very good for you engine. I just recently got another car and I have been using Pennzoil and I love it and get good results from it. Rebekah H.

From: I have an 88 Chrysler Le Baron that runs like a new car due to the fact I have regular oil changes with Pennzoil products!! Michelle Loudonville O

I have used Pennzoil products for a very long time, it has helped my car to run longer, thus I am able to keep my cars up to 12 yrs. or more, where most people trade theirs every 3-4 yrs. thanks Pennzoil. Terry P Old Fort NC

I own a 1994 dodge shadow. It has 105,000 miles on the engine. I have used Pennzoil in it since it was new. To this day the engine is as quiet as it was when it was new. The engine is a still has good power. It doesn’t burn any oil. I contribute this to Pennzoil’s use 10w40 grade. Alissa D., Winterport ME

We have a 1992 Dodge Spirit with over 220,000 K on it the engine is Still purring like a kitten. Thanks Pennzoil you helped keep this engine purring. Charles C.

What more is there to say? I've been using Pennzoil for many years and do not plan to change!!! Rick

Pennzoil is a trusted name and it helped keep our daughter’s old clunker on the road and kept it purring. We chose Pennzoil to use because it is a trusted name and been around for a long time like we wanted her old clunker to be! Sally O., Largo FL

I owned an 85 Grand Am that really sounded like it was gonna pop a rod or something. So I changed the plugs and plug wires-nothing improved! Finally some guy at Advance auto told me Pennzoil would make a difference. I told him I already had the oil changed, but he said what oil did they use. It wasn't Pennzoil so he said it could make all of the diff. So I really did not believe him...but I was desperate and did not have a lot of money. He offers to change it for me for 15 dollars. Well it worked my car was smooth and quiet I could not believe it. I will never use any other oil! Jeannie S., Mocksville NC

I use Pennzoil because you sponsor the #1 car of Steve park of DEI, keep on doing your NASCAR promos Roger

I have been changing the oil in my Geo metro since I bought it in 1993 (a small 3 cylinder motor) and have been very happy with the results 150,000 plus miles. The more I learn, the more I realize what I don't know. RM, West Stockbridge MA

Daddy always said Pennzoil was the best. I have never used anything different in my vehicles. My cars have always ran smooth never had engine trouble, I definetly stand by Pennzoil as the greatest. Rooskie

I'm only a stupid wife that get's in her car and if there's gas in it I go. My Dad, My husband, my Son and my Grandson, I know for a fact buy cases of Pennzoil when they change the oil in our 19 cars and trucks. They also use different products from you for the antifreeze, and the gas tanks, I know because I have to clean their mess up. So if it keeps my 63GTO going I guess your doing something right.

Linda H. North Versailles, PA

The other day my car started acting up; my husband was going nuts checking everything possible (mainly the difficult and expensive parts). Finally my father asked him if he checked the oil. All he had to do was add PENNZOIL, and everything was AOK! Thank you PENNZOIL! Denise S

WE have used your oil faithfully. Our pick-up has over 240,000 miles and is still going strong. Mary J, Minnesota

I am a 43year old male who has used Pennzoil products in my cars all my adult life. Now I don't know if they helped the life of my engines, but I have not had many problems with my cars in a long time. I will keep using peafowl products in the future. A Pennzoil Fan

I find your oil keeps my car running very smooth and quite - GREAT STUFF! Phil P., Tullytown PA

My 1986 Chevy s10 has over 200,000 miles on her and is still going strong. I've never used anything but Pennzoil products!! Debra B., Sneads FL

I have 190,000 miles on my ford I use only your oil. James F., Millington TN


I have used Pennzoil for 20 yrs. in all my cars and have never had any engine trouble. Thanks. Joel B., Belle Vernon PA

I bought a new 1989 Chevy pickup in February 1989; drove it for 150,000 miles using nothing but Pennzoil, sold it in November 1995. The next owner is still using Pennzoil and in October 2000 had logged a total of over 400,000 miles on the odometer without any engine or lubrication related breakdowns yet. Edward W

, My Mitsubishi Diamante has 213,000 miles and runs like a dream with no problems. Could it be the Pennzoil I have always used? Maybe! Cathryn C., Oxnard, CA

My car is a 1990 Ford Tempo and has 197,000 miles on it. I keep it running thanks to your motor oil!!! I put a lot of miles on this car and have had no problems, THANK YOU Michelle G. Elmira Heights, NY

I've been using Pennzoil in my lawnmower for 4 years now I got it new and it still runs new, it might not look new but it runs new, now I use it in both of my vans and my truck, thanks for a great product Ted K. I have always trusted Pennzoil for my vehicle. I change my oil every 2500-3000 miles and have always used Pennzoil in my car. I own a 1988 Cadillac Brougham with a 5.0 liter engine that has over 172,000 miles and is still running smoothly with no oil consumption; in fact the only problems I’ve had in the past 2 years are a tiny leak from the front transmission pump seal and a broken speedometer cable. VFZ and GPS

I credit Pennzoil for the long life my engine has enjoyed and is still enjoying; I should easily get over 200,000 miles on this engine thanks to Pennzoil. Ken

I use nothing but Pennzoil in my car(s) everyday to keep them running safely and smoothly all year round. Mary J., Hopkinton MA