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2003 Mazda 6 Recycled OEM Exhaust Manifold Catalog

Mazda 6 Exhaust Manifold
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Picture is for illustration purposes only
Exhaust Manifold (Not Actual Photo)
Make: Mazda
Model: 6
Sub Models: Base
Engine Sizes: 2.3L L4 GAS, 3.0L V6 GAS
Average Price: $323.50
Inventory Samples
Stock Number: I83217227I
Fits: 2003 Mazda 6
6 Cyl, 181 cid (3.0L), rear (Passenger Side), from 6/19
Description: Exhaust Manifold, Passenger Side Rear
6-181 (3.0L), R. ()
Condition: Very Good  
								Premium Quality - Very Low Mileage!
Warranty: 1-Year
Shipped From: Hamilton, Ontario Yard
Call 1-866-612-9798!Call 1-866-612-9798!
Stock Number: 9J96620O
Fits: 2003 Mazda 6
4 Cyl, 138 cid (2.3L)
Description: Exhaust Manifold
4-138 (2.3L), US market, std emis (Fed)
Condition: Very Good  
								Premium Quality - Very Low Mileage!
Warranty: 1-Year
Shipped From: Greensboro, North Carolina Yard
Call 1-866-612-9798!Call 1-866-612-9798!
Stock Number: H72014997H
Fits: 2003 Mazda 6
4 Cyl, 138 cid (2.3L)
Description: Exhaust Manifold
4-138 (2.3L)
Condition: Very Good  
								Premium Quality - Very Low Mileage!
Warranty: 1-Year
Shipped From: Omaha, Nebraska Yard
Call 1-866-612-9798!Call 1-866-612-9798!
Stock Number: C2437257G
Fits: 2003 Mazda 6
4 Cyl, 138 cid (2.3L)
Description: Exhaust Manifold
4-138 (2.3L)
Condition: Very Good  
								Premium Quality - Very Low Mileage!
Warranty: 1-Year
Shipped From: Stockton, California Yard
Call 1-866-612-9798!Call 1-866-612-9798!
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Engine Assembly (24)Transmission Assembly (120)
Alternator (161)Chassis Computer (103)Combination Switch (132)
Convertible Top Lift (-)Convertible Top Motor (-)DC Converter (Electric Car) (-)
Distributor (-)Electric Door Motor (-)Engine Computer/Control Unit (64)
Fuse Box (-)Headlight/Headlamp Motor (-)Heater Motor (308)
Ignition Coil (31)Ignition Switch W/Key (82)Power Window Motor (38)
Power Window Switch (-)Quarter Window Motor (-)Starter (227)
Sun Roof Motor (-)Tailgate Lift Motor (-)Tailgate Motor (-)
Windshield Washer Motor (-)Wiper Motor, Front (84)Wiper Motor, Rear (-)
Wiper Transmission (78)
Bed Rail (-)Bumper Assembly, Front (18)Bumper Assembly, Rear (70)
Bumper Bar, Front (30)Bumper Bar, Rear (40)Bumper Cover, Front (1)
Bumper Cover, Rear (-)Cab Corner (-)Door Assembly, Back (-)
Door Assembly, Front (540)Door Assembly, Rear (575)Door Handle, Rear (-)
Door Latch, Rear (-)Door Mirror, Side (820)Door Trim Panel, Front (-)
Door Vent Glass, Front (-)Door Window, Front (188)Door Window, Rear (170)
Fender (247)Front Clip (2)Fuel Tank (-)
Grille (17)Ground Effects (-)Header Panel (-)
Headlight/Headlamp Door (-)Hood (57)Pillar (388)
Quarter Panel (282)Quarter Window (-)Quarter Window Regulator, Rear (-)
Radiator Support (6)Rear Clip Assembly (-)Rear Fender Assembly (-)
Rear Trim Panel (-)Rear Vent Window (157)Roof (10)
Roof Glass (-)Running Board (-)Tail Finish Panel (8)
Tail Panel (-)Tailgate Assembly (136)Tires (-)
Tires, Set (-)Tonneau Cover (-)Truck Bed (-)
Truck Cab (-)Trunk Lid Pull Down (-)Valance, Front (-)
Wheel Cover (-)Wheel Rim (174)Windshield Glass (1)
Parking Lamp/Light (104)Tail Light Assembly (448)
Condensor (112)Cooling Fan (171)Evaporator (64)
Fan Blade (-)Fan Clutch (-)Heater Assembly (-)
Heater Core (133)Heater Housing (-)Intercooler (-)
Radiator (90)Radiator Fan Shroud (-)
Cargo Cover (-)Console (-)Cruise Control Servo (-)
Dash Assembly (-)Dash Panel (211)Gas Pedal (-)
Glove Box (15)GPS / Info Screen (-)Head Up Display (-)
Headrest (-)Inside Door Handle (-)Instrument Cluster (-)
Interior, Complete (-)Jack Assembly (20)Night Vision Camera (-)
Overhead Console (-)Radio / CD Player (79)Rear View Mirror (23)
Roof Rack (-)Seat Track, Front (-)Seat, Front (125)
Seat, Rear (-)Seat, Third Row (-)Seatbelt (144)
Shift Lever (32)Speedometer (92)Steering Wheel (7)
Sun Visor (10)Trailer Hitch (-)
Air Spring (-)Axle Carrier, Rear (-)Axle Housing (-)
Axle Shaft (103)Axle, Front (-)Axle, Rear (-)
Back Axle (-)Brake Master Cylinder (29)Bumper Shock (-)
Cab Clip (-)Camshaft (-)Cylinder Head (-)
Differential Assembly, Rear (-)Drive Shaft, Front (-)Drive Shaft, Rear (-)
Engine Oil Cooler (-)Engine Pullout (-)Exhaust Manifold (4)
Flywheel (36)Frame (-)Fuel Pump (-)
Harmonic Balancer (-)Hub Bearing (17)I Beam (-)
Intake Manifold (5)Leaf Spring, Front (-)Leaf Spring, Rear (-)
Lower Control Arm, Front (121)Lower Control Arm, Rear (21)Muffler (-)
Oil Pan (-)Power Brake Booster (72)Power Steering Pump (134)
Radiator Overflow Bottle (208)Ring Gear And Pinion (-)Shock Absorber (-)
Shock, Front (67)Shock, Rear (104)Spindle (107)
Spoiler, Rear (22)Steering Column (265)Steering Gear (56)
Strut (21)Stub Axle, Rear (21)Suspension Compressor (-)
Suspension Cross Member (335)Throttle Body (61)Timing Cover (1)
Torque Converter (-)Torsion Bar (-)Transfer Case Assembly (-)
Transfer Case Motor (-)Transmission Cooler (-)Turbo (-)
Upper Control Arm, Front (43)Upper Control Arm, Rear (5)Vacuum Pump (-)
Valve Cover (-)Water Pump (-)Window Regulator, Front (205)
Window Regulator, Rear (205)
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