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Dodge Spirit Exhausts Store

Our discount Exhausts store offers the 1979 Dodge Spirit Muffler at wholesale price. Buying a Muffler from us will save you money and time. Our Muffler is guaranteed to fit your 1979 Dodge Spirit car or truck as the original Dodge Muffler. Buy from a reliable Exhausts store and enjoy a substantial saving over your local Dodge dealer! Read more...

1979 Dodge Spirit Muffler - Exhausts Store

1979 Dodge Spirit Muffler
5 in. inlet and outlet diameter; Single center inlet and outlet configuration; 24 in. body length, 31 in. overall length; Round casing; Perforated internal construction; Made of 16-gauge aluminized steel; Features an outstanding straight through design for lesser restriction, improved performance, and excellent exhaust sound; Fully welded; With MBRP's limited warranty.
1979 Dodge Spirit
1995 Dodge Spirit
1994 Dodge Spirit
1993 Dodge Spirit
1992 Dodge Spirit
1991 Dodge Spirit
1990 Dodge Spirit
1989 Dodge Spirit
1983 Dodge Spirit
1982 Dodge Spirit
1981 Dodge Spirit
1980 Dodge Spirit
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Fit Notes:Base: 8Cyl 5.0L, 6Cyl 3.8L, 4Cyl 2.0L, 6Cyl 4.2L
Part Number:M79M2050
Retail Price:$170.78
Discount Price:$127.08
May Vary
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1979 Dodge Spirit Muffler
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