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Our discount Car Care store offers the Universal (Any Vehicle) Roadside Emergency Kit at wholesale price. Buying a Roadside Emergency Kit from us will save you money and time. Our Roadside Emergency Kit is guaranteed to fit your Universal (Any Vehicle) car or truck as the original Universal (Any Vehicle) Roadside Emergency Kit. Buy from a reliable Car Care store and enjoy a substantial saving over your local Universal (Any Vehicle) dealer! Read more...

Universal (Any Vehicle) Roadside Emergency Kit - Car Care Store

Universal (Any Vehicle) Roadside Emergency Kit
Includes one AAA double-sided carry bag, one AAA emergency car care guide, one AAA membership brochure, one 10 ft 8 gauge booster cables, one 250 psi air compressor with gauge, one 2 LED hand-crank flashlight, three piece warm fleece set, with cap, gloves and scarf, one digital tire gauge, one emergency warning triangle, one multi-function tool, one pair cotton gloves with dimples, one emergency poncho, one flat head screwdriver, one Phillips screwdriver, one emergency whistle, one roll duct tape, two bungee cords, two shop cloths, 10 cable ties, and 45 pieces of first aid; Filled with products to give maximum security when traveling the open road.
Universal (Any Vehicle)
Part Number:RK-101
Retail Price:$99.99
Discount Price:$53.72
May Vary
 Please verify this item fits your vehicle before placing an order.
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